“Coming out of the Oven: tales of the rock of fear and other chills”

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It took place last Saturday (October 26), in Maçainhas, the 4th Edition of the initiative “A Sair do Forno” (“Coming out of the Oven”), which aims to recover traditions and gather the population around stories and words that build collective memory.

This initiative, which takes place on the last weekend of October, started from the idea of ​​reviving the social character linked to the use of the community oven, combining it with the recovery of words that enriched the evenings of old. Based on the legend of the “Barroco do Medo” (“Rock of Fear”), the stories are adapted and modernized to the present day, evoking typical “chills” of the Halloween season.

The storytelling, which had a room full of audiences of all age groups, was held at the recent Community Library of Maçainhas opened in August this year, a project that came from the profit made by selling bread and cookies made traditionally in the community oven.

After exposure of these collective memories, the population ended the afternoon of conviviality and friendship near the Chapel of Santo António, where they could recall traditional regional songs with the music of the Coral Group of Maçainhas.

The AGEment project was present during the activity to gather information about it in the context of preserving traditions and sharing collective memories between generations, in order to rehearse the future project collections about the Intangible Cultural Heritage of the region.

You can see the video and some photos of the initiative on our Multimedia section, here.

Watch the video about the activity on our Youtube channel here.

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