First case study collection of the AGEment project in Portugal

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Once completed the phases of design and delineation of the project, takes place in the present moment the operational phase of collecting two case studies that will represent each partner country as representative of an active and healthy ageing, by sharing traditions inherent in intangible cultural elements.

In Portugal, one of the cases focuses on the traditional confection of a food typically characterizing the Mediterranean Diet, also considered as Intangible Cultural Heritage of countries such as Spain, Italy, Greece or Croatia – the Bread.

In this context, a visit was made to the village of Monte Novo, in the municipality of Sabugal, where for over 40 years an elderly woman has kept alive the heritage of her ancestors of traditionally making bread in shared ovens. Accepting the project proposal, she shared with us her experience and promoted learning moments, which were captured in the form of interviews and image records and which will soon be summarized and made available in a short video illustrating this cultural element under the eyes of those who remain active and cultivates healthy eating habits as they get older.

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