In Italy the European AGEment project keep going and switch to the operational phase

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After the first two organizational meetings held in October 2018 in Spain and in July 2019 in Portugal, the European Project co-financed by the Erasmus + Program “AGEment – Adult seniors awarness on Active Aging: connecting Cultural Heritage with elders empowering”, of which the CSEN National Educational Sports Center is a partner, switch to the operational phase.
With the aim of bringing the attention of adults and seniors to the importance of Active and Healthy Aging through the European Cultural Heritage, the AGEment project will tell the stories of two practical cases from each country partner through mini video-interviews that will be made available through an App for Smartphone and SmartTv.
In the first phase of the project the participating organizations identified the important aspects for Active and Healthy Aging, able to delay as much as possible the disease and dependence on third parties for an increasingly elderly European population (today equal to 19.2%). Among these emerged:

  • healthy lifestyle (which includes eating habits, physical activity, but also management of stress, sleep and emotions);
  • active participation in the social, economic, cultural, spiritual and civil issues of one’s own community, not only in one’s own family or work life.
    Afterwards, the elements of the cultural heritage were analyzed, that is the set of physical artifacts and intangible attributes of a past group or society, kept in the present and left as a legacy to future generations, in whose process of maintenance and transmission over time older people play a fundamental role, also favoring an Active Aging.

In the current phase of the project Csen, partner for Italy, has identified the two realities that can represent good examples of Active aAging through the cultural heritage in Italy, to be told in the videos that will be uploaded to the AGEment App, and started the shooting. The first case will focus on dance and will interview a Teacher, former professional dancer and collaborator in the organization of sporting events to show not only his experience but a whole movement made up of people who regularly dance with passion, staying active and healthy at every age. In the second case the protagonists will be painting and poetry, artistic and cultural forms brought into the squares, on the buildings and in the markets by people of all ages, who contribute all together to keeping alive the relationships between the inhabitants and, at the same time, improving the own neighborhood.
During the phase of shooting, editing and making of the videos many other subjects can contribute to the project. All individuals, associations, institutions, retirement homes and specialized centers for elderly that want to help spread the message can contact Csen, receive all the materials on the project and take part in the final event, which will be held in Rome in October 2020, where videos will be shown and the App in which find them and upload new ones independently will be presented.
“We are very happy to be part of a project that aims to enhance the sport and activity of CSEN also with the aim to promote cultural heritage, as well as to contribute to improving the healthy life expectancy of Italians” commented on the project the National Responsible of the CSEN Projects Office Andrea Bruni.

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