On March 25, the final act of the European Project “AGEment”

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On 25 March, CSEN is organising the final seminar of the European Project AGEment, which aims to raise awareness on the importance of active ageing. The seminar will be broadcasted live from 10am to 1pm on the Facebook page Csen Progetti. After two years of activity, therefore, the path ends with the presentation of the important results achieved.
The AGEment project proposed an innovative approach to deal with this delicate topic, by carrying out video interviews with the protagonists, through which interesting elements that have influenced the course of their lives emerged. From the interviews, on the one hand the complexity of facing adulthood emerged, on the other hand the centrality of social connections, the desire to get involved and feel good with others and the desire to be proactive subjects in the continuous flow of social transformation.
A narrative of lifestyles that also represents a challenge to biological time, which, if left to its fate, would more quickly mark mental and social decline.
A second innovative element of the project was the connection with the cultural heritage of their own country, in which everyone is embedded as a resource to be used for social and community well-being. In the video interviews, the themes of dance, painting and poetry were described. The protagonists of this extraordinary narrative will be present at the seminar to give back to others the experience of active participation in the project.
A third innovative element was the creation of an app, aimed at promoting the acquisition of digital skills among the elderly, where the video interviews were published.
The seminar on 25 March will focus on the topic and on the changing context for active ageing policies.

The speakers will be:
Francesco Proietti, CSEN National President
Andrea Bruni, CSEN Project Manager
Leonina Benigni, Project coordinator
Debora Zamillo, operational activities coordinator
Paolo De Angelis, Dance Teacher
Mario D’amico, Painter
Antonio Piroli, Poet
Dr. Andrea Principi, INRCA – National Institute of Health & Science on Ageing
Fabio Menicacci, Secretary ANAP – Confartigianato Persone

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