Practical Cases

The AGEment project proposes an innovative approach to raising awareness about Active Ageing among older people as it uses multimedia content with high motivational content thanks to the relationship between European cultural heritage and the promotion of wellbeing in the adult age. Moreover, in this project, the older adults are not only the target audience of the developed contents, but they are the protagonists and have been an active part of the whole material development process.

Each partner has identified practical cases and has made video interviews on each describing one or more cultural heritage elements that can motivate the interviewed people to lead an active life. Older adults considered as positive models to follow, have become the protagonists of the video interviews available on the AGEment App for mobile devices and SmartTv. During the storytelling, the various factors of Active Ageing that characterize each experience are also highlighted.


Video interviews aims to describe some of the possible positive examples that link European Cultural Heritage with Active Ageing and represents an exchange of good practices between European Countries on raising awareness of positive and healthy ageing, on the central role of European Cultural Heritage in this process of raising awareness and as digital literacy for older age groups.

Passion for dance

Painting and poetry in the Trullo neighborhood – Rome

Bread: rites and traditions

 Heraldry – Cáceres

Crafts of Gonçalo village – Guarda

Classical literature

Cãlușul – Romania

Folklore and traditional festivals

Women’s empowerment

Handicraft – embroidery

European identity

Awareness Catalogue

The awareness catalog describe in detail the practical cases selected and developed by the project partners to link European Cultural Heritage to Active Ageing.

The video interviews of the practical cases described in this catalog are available in the App for Smartphone and SmartTv developed within the AGEment project and can be downloaded for free.

AGEment Apps

The resulting multiplatform app is the first one aimed at raise awareness about the importance of active ageing using the cultural heritage for older adults, as well as to incorporate the physical, cognitive and social activities during the daily life contests as a part of ageing well process. The app is available not only for mobile devices (tablets and smartphones), but also for SmartTV.

This result combines current user-centered technologies to provide an innovative tool that allow self-training and delete the existing barriers between the ICT and the elderly. This developed app will facilitate a progressive learning on ICT skills and will promote digital competences in Adults.
Due to the barriers of using ICT by very elder people, the app should also be available not only for mobile devices (tablets and smartphones), but also for SmartTV, as older adults can use the technologies with which they are more familiarized using just a remote control.

Download smartphone app:

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