An active life after retirement, by Antonio Bueno

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José Luis Moyano, researcher of the Bioengineering Department and a team of people involved in the Agement project (Adult seniors awareness on Active Ageing: connecting cultural heritage with elders empowering) interviewed Antonio Bueno, member of ASCEMI (An Association of Friends of the CCMIJU focused on spreading science to society). This interview took place in the Hernando de Ovando Palace, located in the Old Town of Cáceres – UNESCO World Heritage Centre, on February 13th 2020.

Mr. Bueno, 74, when retired started to devote his life to help spreading scientific knowledge to the citizens, to practice sport (he loves playing golf), to sing (in a chorus or solo) in order to amuse older people in residential homes, to take part in cultural and religious traditions of the town of Cáceres as the “Procesiones” (parade parties hold on Eastern Week) and to write books and articles for the Hoy Journal as a tourism writer.

The conclusion of his interview is that if you do not keep active or fit in both body and mind you get older.

The participants on this proposal are The Centro de Cirugía de Mínima Invasión Jesús Usón (CCMIJU) from Spain,  the Instituto Politécnico da Guarda (IPG) from Portugal,  the  Fundación  GERON from  Romania  and the  Centro Sportivo Educativo Nazionale (CSEN) from Italy.

Agement  project  is cofinanced by Erasmus+ Programme of the UE.

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