The AGEment project met Gonçalo’s basket weavers

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On January 15, 2020, a visit was made to the parish of Gonçalo (Guarda), where manual production of wicker and rattan baskets still remains alive, a tradition that once represented a large part of the local economic activity.

Thanks to the unique characteristics of the activity in this location, and seeking to be an engine for the dissemination of cultural heritage and cultural and natural resources that give identity to Guarda region, the group of Portugal in the AGEment project chose Gonçalo’s Basketry as the second case study for disseminate and promote active aging by preserving traditions.

Accepting the proposal, two elderly people (who since 11 years old found their livelihood and way of life in this art) shared their experience in the manufacture of baskets with the AGEment project. The interviews and recorded images will soon be compiled and made available in digital format, as an illustrative way of disseminating this cultural element under the eyes of those who persist in keeping it alive.

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