The Longevity Academy begins a new series of conferences on education and prevention in the field of health and longevity

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October 25th the Conference of the Longevity Academy was held, which aimed to promote a healthy lifestyle for both the elderly and young people.

Topics on Health and Longevity, stress factors and their impact on human health were discussed.

Through this conference we had the opportunity to present the European Project AGEment –“Awareness of the elderly regarding active aging: Connecting the Cultural Heritage with the empowerment of older adults”, having as main purpose: “Knowledge of aging” through awareness of young people, adults and the elderly about the Importance of healthy and active aging;

Promoting the values ​​and traditions of the European Cultural Heritage; encouraging older people to continue to be involved in social, cultural, economic events, but also the need for the connection between young and old by sharing knowledge, values ​​and cultural traditions.

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