Traditions of Cáceres in the framework of Agement

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A working team of the CCMIJU involved in Agement project (Adult seniors awareness on Active Ageing: connecting cultural heritage with elders empowering) interviewed a 79 years woman,  Basilisa Borrego Borreguero,  witness of two old traditions related to  parties,  hold in the town of Cáceres. This interview took place in the facilities of the CMMIJU on February 25th 2020.

Ms. Borrego explained her view of three events that existed during her youth in Cáceres and that exist even now with small diversions.

The first one is the “Romería de las Candelas y San Blas” (Candle and Saint Blas Procession) in which a parade with flamboyant clothes and 1000 coloured-showl, typical of the region, stops at Saint Blas Church and listen to a mass and folk music and eat the “Buche”, that was served accompanied with cabbage and a dessert, called “Coquillo”, a sort of dough mixed with honey.

The second one is the Market of animals, where lambs and goats were sold and bought by the families whose children walk with the animals along the Rodeo park. While the animals ate, children made “madroños”, a sort of ornament for the lambs and goats.

The last one is Montaña’s Virgin party. People climb to the top of a mountain to take the Montaña Virgin to the town, listen to a mess and after 10 days the Virgin returns back accompanied by the faithful. It’s a hard walk for elder people.

The mentioned interview concluded with the message that it is important to keep alive the traditions and raise awareness of the active ageing.

The participants on this proposal are The Centro de Cirugía de Mínima Invasión Jesús Usón (CCMIJU) from Spain,  the Instituto Politécnico da Guarda (IPG) from Portugal,  the  Fundación  GERON from  Romania  and the  Centro Sportivo Educativo Nazionale (CSEN) from Italy.

Agement  project  is cofinanced by Erasmus+ Programme of the UE.

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